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How to secure a sidemount 2nd stage

Traditionally when technical diving the long hose is secured using a P-clip secured close the 2nd stage, ideally using cave/DSMB line.  The requirement for a quick release or breakaway tying method was not required because the diver was breathing the long hose (not to be confused with the need of cutting the line if the clip is jammed when the regulator is secured to a D-ring)

However when diving either independent twinset or sidemount cylinders the diver is breathing either the left (short hose on a bungee necklace) or right (long hose hoglooped with a P-clip) cylinders.  Breathing the long hose is no issue – hand off the regulator as taught and switch to the backup (short hose) on your necklace.
Therefore when breathing the short hose the long hose regulator is clipped of to the right shoulder D-ring.  It must be secured with a breakaway clip as an Out Of Air (OOA) diver could grab the regulator which must come free from the securing method.

A New (alternitive) way

This method of securing the 2nd stage long hose regulator can be adapted to suit all designs of regulator .

Parts Required

  • 3-4mm (4mm ideal) bungee about 24cm long, longer if tying knots (no cable ties)
  • 1 x double ended 316 steel (not rusting) P-clip
  • 2-4 cable ties  (if not tying knots)
  1. Prepare the bungee. Tie or secure loop at one end of cord. My method has a 4cm turn to create loop, secured by 2 small cable ties.
  2. Repeat at other end.  Now you should have a 16cm bungee cord with 2 loops
  3. Thread loops over either end of P-clip
  4. Put p-clip and bungee over either
    1. Wide fitting exhaust ports – see picture
    2. Over front circle of a standard port regulator.  See end picture
  5. Ensure clip is strong enough to stay in position, but bungee is elastic enough to release regulator if grabbed by an OOA diver.

Put gear on, ideally in water on during a shallow dive and clip, unclip regulator P-clip from D-ring, up to
50 times – yes 50; you need to build up muscle memory.



Reg Clipped off - no dangling!!!

Preparing for normal Regulator exchange - or to donate to and OOA diver

Easily unclip the regulator - spring clip falls naturally on te thumb to release it.

Regulator taken from stowed position – just pull and it will release.  It can be re-stowed very easily, making it good for in water practice during training dives.